How to: Insure a batch of shipments

Easily add affordable package insurance to your packages when shipping in batches!

  1. When you are creating a batch of shipment, simply select the option Add insurance for all Shipments.

    add insurance for all shipments.PNG
  2. A modal will popup asking you to select your preferred insurance provider and to choose between insuring based on the estimated order value in each shipment OR insure all shipments to a common value. Your choice!

    batch insurance options.PNG
  3. Once you have saved and applied the insurance, your cost summary will reflect the insurance charge amounts.

    insurance options selected.PNG
  4. Shipsurance charges will be broken out into a separate line item called Insurance

    insurance cost.PNG


Note: For UPS declared value, the price paid for declared value will be included under the Additional Fees line item.


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