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You’ve got a package you want to insure ... it's simple! ShippingEasy will provide you with an insurance quote from our partner Shipsurance and your insurance request will be sent when we generate your label. Shipments can be insured on an individual basis or - if you want to insure all your shipments - you can set up default settings. Learn more about Shipment Insurance defaults.

NOTE: Shipsurance coverage is only provided for outbound shipments sent from the address of the Insured. Inbound (return) shipments are not covered. Learn more.

To insure individual shipments:

  1. From the ORDERS page, send an order to the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.
  2. From the SHIPMENTS tab, select READY TO SHIP.
  3. On the READY TO SHIP page, make your carrier selections. Learn more.
  4. Once your rate has generated, we will display a message under the "Insurance Options" alerting you to any insurance coverage included with your carrier selections. 
  5. To purchase additional insurance, simply check the box next to Add Insurance.
  6. Once the check box is checked, we'll pre-fill the value of the shipment based on the total cost of the line items in the order.
  7. You can edit the insured value. For example, lets say this is a $250 package, but you only want to insure $200 with Shipsurance as that's the true value of the order to you. So, we can edit the insured value to $200.
  8. If you make any changes to the insured value, select the Update button to update your insurance quote.
  9. On the READY FOR PAYMENT page, the insurance information will show. The insured amount and the insurance fee.
  10. Finally, once the shipment has processed, in your SHIPMENT HISTORY you'll be able to see a check under the "Insurance" column for the order you've added insurance to. You can click on the check icon to reveal a popover displaying the insured amount and the fee paid.

    That's it!
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