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Selecting a carrier and service for your package is the main action you take before printing postage and shipping your packages, so it's important to get familiar with this process.  Before you can select which carrier to ship your package with, you will need to add postal/shipping carriers to your ShippingEasy account. View our step by step guide on how to add a carrier account.

From there, you will be all set to select a carrier and service on the READY TO SHIP page.

Carrier Selections: 

  1. Carrier

    Select a postal/shipping carrier from the drop-down menu under "Carrier".

  2. Carrier Service

    Once a postal/shipping carrier has been selected, all applicable services for that carrier, will be displayed under "Carrier Service". Select the required carrier service for your shipment.

  3. Packaging

    Next, you will have the option to select Carrier Packaging, Custom Packaging or Saved Packaging from the drop-down menu under "Packaging".

    • Carrier Packaging

      These options are specific to the carrier service and include branded Flat Rate, Regional Rate and standard sized packaging. View more information on these services and their rate tables here.

    • Custom Packaging

      Choose a custom packaging option when using generic branded, or your own, non-branded packaging. You will need to specify the dimensions of your packages when using custom packaging, to ensure an accurate rate quote.

    • Saved Packaging

      Select from any frequently used, custom packaging options, you have already saved within Package Setup in your SHIPMENT SETTINGS. Learn more about saving custom packaging here.

  4. Weight

    The weight of the package is automatically pulled from your order based on the weight of the item(s). If you wish to update the weight, enter the new values in the input boxes and select Update to view the updated shipping cost. If your order does not include the weight of the item, then you will need to enter that here. For multiple items, we will total individuals weights and show the combined weight.

  5. Shipping Cost

    After you've selected your package type, your shipping cost at the top of the page, will automatically update. If the service includes Delivery Confirmation, this will be shown as well.

Additional Shipping Options

  1. Ship date

    The ship date is important as it determines whether pickup is an option - if it is, then a pickup option is shown (see step 7). The ship date will default to the current day. To change the date, simply click in the input box and a calendar will appear - select a date using your mouse.

NOTE: The date cannot be a date in the past or more than 6 days ahead. For USPS pickup, select 1 day ahead


  1. Request a pickup

    If the carrier and service selections support a pickup option, then this option is shown. Simply select the checkbox, and when you order your shipping label, a pickup request will automatically be sent for your shipment. The date used for pickup will be the ship date you specified above.

  2. Confirmation

    Depending on your carrier and service selections, confirmation options will be shown, together with the additional cost. By default, 'None' is selected. If you wish to add a confirmation service, simply select the service and the Total Shipping Cost will automatically update.

  3. Insurance

    If you have selected a carrier service and package type that includes tracking, you are able to purchase insurance for your shipment. If you wish to add insurance, simply check the Add Insurance box and specify the declared value amount for the items you are shipping. If the value of items can be gathered from your store data, we will automatically update this field and return an insurance quote for the shipment.

  4. Customs Information

    For international shipments, we automatically generate the necessary customs form for you. Each item within your package requires the following information:

    • Quantity, description, weight, value.

      These values are pulled automatically from your store

    • Harmonized Code, country of manufacture, package content type

      To save time, you can save these values within your ACCOUNT SETTINGS and the INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS section. Then, every time you ship an international package, we will automatically populate these values with your saved information. If a specific item requires different information, then you can manually override the saved information. View our step by step guide on saving international shipment options.


The "Customs Information" provides the following options, which are discussed in more detail below:


  • Package content type

    The receiving country's customs agency, requires information regarding the type of content included in your shipment. This enables them to correctly asses if any duties and taxes are due. By default, 'Commercial (sold item)' is selected, or if you have specified a default value in your INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS settings, that will be shown instead. To change the Package Content Type, simply select another option from the drop down menu.

    NOTE: if you have more than one item in your shipment, then the content type needs to apply to all. If you need to specify different content types for different items, then you will need to split your order first within the ORDERS page. View out step by step guide on splitting orders.


  • Adding or editing an item

    If you need to add a line item, or edit the details of an existing item(s) in the customs information, click the Add button, or select the check box for the item(s) you wish to edit, and click the Edit button. Complete the required information and select Save.

    NOTE: if you add an item, you will be required to enter the weight - this does not automatically update the package weight. If you require the package weight to be updated, then add the new weight in the weight input box.


  • Adding a Harmonized Code

    While harmonized codes are not mandatory, they are used by the receiving country's customs agency to more accurately and quickly determine whether duties and taxes are due. If you know the harmonized code for your item(s), then simply enter this in the 'Harmonized code' input box, otherwise, you can use our look up tool to find the correct Harmonized Code for your item(s).

    Steps to using the Harmonized Code tool:

      1. Click on Look Up and a new window will open
      2. Type the item name in the search box, and click Search.
      3. Select the sub heading link that matches your item(s), from the matching results.
      4. The window will close and the Harmonized Code will be added into the Harmonized Code input box.

  • Deleting an item

    If you need to delete an item or items, select the check box next to the item(s) and click Delete.


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