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Customs forms are required for International shipments and some Military/US territory shipments. After you select an international order within the READY TO SHIP page, we will show the Customs Information section, which is used to generate the necessary Customs information for your shipment.

All of the required information will be automatically pulled from your integrated store and Product Catalog. For manual orders, you will be guided to the Customs Form where you’ll input the quantity, weight, item description, value and Harmonized Code (optional) into the form.

TIP: configure your Product Catalog with customs form product data and ShippingEasy will automatically fill every customs field perfectly every time, regardless of what's been pulled in from your store. This will save significant time processing manual orders.  Learn more.

For faster processing through customs, we recommend inputting a Harmonized Code for each line item.

If any edits are required to the contents of the shipment, you can edit the entire contents with a single click or make precise adjustments:

Override Customs Form:

Completely replace the line items that pulled in from your store with a single line on the customs form using the blue Override Customs Form button in the top right of the section.

NOTE: this will not edit the information displayed on your packing slips.

Modify individual line items:

To the lower right are options to Add, Edit, or Delete individual line items on the Customs Form. Select any of these to expand a detailed set of options.


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