Pending Shipment Queue - Ready to Ship - Page | Guide

Quick and easy view of the orders which are ready to be shipped.

In the left-hand side of the READY TO SHIP page, each order is listed together with the following information:

1. Order number This is the order number generated by your store and not a ShippingEasy order number.
2. Quantity

Shows the quantity of the items within the order.

3. Zone ShippingEasy automatically calculates the USPS zone for the order, based on your shipping from the address and your customer’s address.
4. Address Type Indicates whether an address is residential (R) or commercial (C).
5. Shipping Paid Shows the amount the customer paid for shipping on your store’s checkout.
6. Remove order You are able to remove an order by selecting the x icon. Removing an order will move it back to the Orders page
7. Batch orders header Click the batch header to display the orders contained in the batch, below. (This batch header includes a red alert icon indicating an error with one of the orders contained)
8. Order error icon The red alert icon indicates an error with the specific order. Hover mouse over the icon to view alert details.


Have more questions? Check out the READY TO SHIP overview. 


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