Adding Manual Orders

This guide will go over how to add orders one by one to your ShippingEasy account that did not come from an integrated store or marketplace, which we call Manual Orders.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step By Step Guide

Shipping Labels

On the Orders page, click the “Add Orders” drop-down and select "Add Manual Order", or hover over “Quick Ship” on the blue bar at the top and select “New Label”:

This brings up the order creation window. The left side is recipient information, and the “Ship To” box is copy/paste friendly. Copy in the recipient address information, or click “Show Fields” to paste the address in part by part.


If you check the “Save to Customer Addresses” checkbox, this address will be stored in the drop-down above the address information, which can be easily accessed for future orders:


Enter your order information on the right side. The only required fields are Order Number and Item Name, which have default information already filled in. If you want to add information about the order that does not fit anywhere else, feel free to use the custom fields for that:


If you want item information to show up in a packing slip or shipping confirmation email, you will need to fill out the item information below the item name, one line item at a time. Click “Add Another Item” add the bottom to add multiple line items.


If you have your product catalog populated with SKUs, you can just type the SKU in the SKU field to auto-populate the items.


Once you have the order completely filled out, use one of the buttons at the bottom to finalize the order creation.


Create & Quick Ship - This option allows you to pick from your Shipping Presets to automatically purchase the label directly from this screen. Note: you will need to ensure the weight of the package is correct when using this option. See the Guide on Shipping Presets for information on how to add to this list.

Create & Get Rate - Adds the order directly to the ready to ship page.

Create Order - Adds the order to the orders page and the order is processed like you process your other orders.

Cancel - Discards order.

Return Label

If you select Return Label from the quick ship drop down, the process is exactly the same, except you, enter the customer address as the “ship from” address, and choose one of your saved store addresses for the “ship to”.


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