How to: Print packing slips for unshipped orders

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Packing slips are a great piece of documentation to use to help get your shipments into boxes as well as provide your customers with hard-copy details of their order. From the ORDERS page, there are three different options for printing packing slips: print packing slips without creating a shipment, while simultaneously creating shipments for orders that you have selected, and while simultaneously batching a set of orders. 

To select a packing slip option:

  1. Navigate to the ORDERS page from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app.
  2. You can find all three of the options at the top of the ORDERS page under the Pick & Pack button. 
  3. Before you can click on any of the options, you'll need to check off the orders for which you'd like to print packing slips.

  4. With your orders selected, you can now print the packing slips that you'd like. 

    There will be three options available:
    • Print Packing Slips - The packing slips that you've selected to print will be moved to the READY TO PRINT page.
    • Print Packing Slip and Create Shipment - This will print packing slips for the orders that you have selected and send the orders as individual shipments to the READY TO PRINT page.
    • Print Packing Slip and Group as Batch* - This will print packing slips for the orders that you have selected and then send the orders as a batch to the READY TO PRINT page. If you're unsure about batches or batch shipping, check out our batch shipping guide.
    • Print Packing Slips-All Orders- This prints all available orders, allowing you to print more than 200 orders at a time.
  5. After you've selected your option, you'll be taken to the READY TO PRINT page to see your packing slips generating and where you can download and print your packing slips.
    Additionally, you will see your shipments count increase above the SHIPMENTS tab as soon as you select one of the options that creates a shipment.

 And that's it!

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