How to: Refresh my store and download new orders

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ShippingEasy automatically syncs with most integrations on a 1-4 hour basis (depending on platform) to download any new orders placed within your store. Sometimes, you may wish to manually refresh the store if a new order has come in since you signed into ShippingEasy.

You can refresh your store by clicking on the Sync button on the ORDERS page.


Once you hit the Sync button, a blue message box will appear that looks like this:

You'll know that your orders have downloaded when you see this blue dialog box:

Your orders page will be updated with the orders from your integrated store(s). However, keep in mind that only orders from the last 14 days will update into your store.

NOTE: Some platform integrations work on a reverse principle, where orders are pushed into ShippingEasy, rather than ShippingEasy pulling them in. For the following platforms, the Sync button will not do anything. Please click on the hyperlinked platform names to learn more about how these specific integrations work:


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