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ShippingEasy makes it easy to see your order data. You can find all your unshipped orders on the ORDERS page.

View Unshipped Order Data in ShippingEasy

Click on the order line for any shipment you wish to see more details.

An order summary will appear:

  1. Shipment Configurations: quickly select a different shipping preset.
  2. Edit Weight and Dimensions: add or update the weight and dimensions of a shipment. If you have a USB scale connected via ConnectEasy, the weight is populated from the scale. Learn more about editing order weights.
  3. Insurance and Other Options: Allows you to add insurance or signature confirmation to your package. 
  4. Buy Label: Option to purchase shipping label right from the ORDERS page.
  5. Line Items with Product Images: Images displayed are from the Product Catalog.
  6. Recipient Address: Verify or fix a customer address.
  7. Tags: Add or remove tags to organize, easily filter, and sort your order.
  8. Notes: view any Customer, Gift, or Internal notes associated with the order.
    • Custom Fields: Displays any custom fields associated with the order.
  9. Event Log: Displays any Shipping Rules that were applied to the order.
  10. Toggle arrows: Clicking the arrows will move to the previous or next order.



I have added this code in functions.php but not having the customer information display on order page. 


function wpblog_order_customer_information( $order ){
    global $post;
$customer_user = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_customer_user', true );
    echo '<p><strong style="display: block;">'.__('Order Customer name').':</strong> <a href="user-edit.php?user_id=' . $customer_user . '">' . get_user_meta( $customer_user, 'customername', true ) . '</a></p>';
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Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your post!

I took a look at your link and saw that it references displaying the order details in WooCommerce.  If you are running into issues with that, I recommend reaching out to WooCommece directly.  Here is their contact page for your reference:  https://woocommerce.com/contact-us/

As for the order information in ShippingEasy, it should display automatically.  We also have a setting to display product options as described here:  How to: Display Product Options for your items

Should you make changes to the settings in WooCommerce, please be sure to sync a new order to see those changes as they would not be retroactive.

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