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ShippingEasy’s ORDERS Page automatically shows all orders placed in your store. Here, you are able to filter and sort the orders you wish to ship, create shipments, batches, split orders and more!

Once you’ve made your selections, the orders will move to the READY TO SHIP screen for you to select your rates.


1. Sync ShippingEasy will automatically sync orders from your store at regular intervals (1 or 4 hours depending on platform). If you would like to see new orders sooner, select Sync. Find out more.
2. Add Manual Order Process orders that were generated outside of your integrated ecommerce stores. Find out more.
3. Upload Order You can easily upload orders not originating in your online store with this CVS upload tool. Find out more.
4. Arrange Columns Customize what columns you see as well as what order you see them in. Find out more.
5. Allocate/Deallocate Stock
Send or remove stock from your orders based on your current inventory.
6. Search
Need to find that one particular order or a group of orders? Our easy order keyword search tool will ensure you do just that! 
7. Search Order Nos. Quickly find one or more orders by entering the numbers in the dialog box.
8. Filter

Filter to a subset of your orders with the filter options to the left of your full order detail. Only want to see International orders? Want to group all orders headed to Zone 1-3 for Regional Rates? Managing your full list is simple with these filters. Find out more.

9. Expand/Collapse
This allows you to open all of the filter selections on the left hand side and close them all at once as well.
10. Reset
If you have made filter selections on the left, you can easily clear the selections to reveal all of your orders again.
11. Save View
Save commonly used filter selections to enable one-click filtering. Find out more.
12. Create Shipments
Select one or more orders and click on CREATE SHIPMENT to move individual or a group of orders into the shipment process so you can start selecting rates. Find out more.
13. Group as Batch
Select multiple orders and apply a set of shipping preferences across all of them with a single selection. Instead of processing individual shipments and selecting a rate for each one – you can now apply your preferred carrier/method/box type across as many as you like. Find out more.
14. Pick & Pack
Organize your process and make it more efficient with pick lists. Find out more.
15. Buy & Print
If an order has a Saved Carrier Selection assigned by a shipping rule, then ShippingEasy will attempt to get a rate quote. Find out more.
If a rate quote is obtained, the shipment label can be purchased by clicking the box next to the Order on the Orders page and then clicking the new Buy & Print button.
16. More Options
Check one or more order and these options will apply to the orders you selected:
17. Displaying Orders
See the number of orders you have ready to ship! The total number of orders dynamically updates based on the filter selections you have made on the left hand filter column.
18. Sort 
Simply click on the column you want to sort by and your orders will be sorted in ascending or descending order! Find out more.
19. Order Details 
View a summary of an order including your customer’s shipping selection and destination details. This will help you decide which orders you want to batch up and ship. Find out more.
20. More Order Options
Work directly with one order to:
21. Multiple Items
For orders with multiple items, simply click to expand the order and see the detail of each item. Find out more.
22. Global Search Bar
Type in an order number or tracking number into the
search field at the right edge of our navigation bar and a page displays to show you the results.
If more than one order matches, a window displays so that you can select the specific order you want.
23. Results Per Page Determines the amount of orders displayed on the Orders page at one time. Choose to view 25, 50, 100 or 200 orders from the drop down menu. This is set to 50 orders by default.
24. Advanced View Determines the set of user interface controls, such as the filters, that are displayed on the Orders page. The Advanced View is set to On by default.
25. Help/Answers Instant access to ShippingEasy's Help Center, where thousands of articles provide answers to questions about the Orders page and shipping in general.


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