How to: Quick Ship an order in two-clicks

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If you want to quickly process one order at a time, you can easily do so from the ORDERS page with Quick Ship.
The Quick Ship feature is made possible with Shipping Presets. Learn more.

TIP: Quick Ship works best with accurate order weights and automatic postage refills.

  • Order weight: many shipping services are weight dependent. Some are weight-restricted and others have weight-based rates. If you plan to use such a service, then you will need to update the order weight before using Quick Ship. Learn more about editing order weights.
  • Automatic postage refills: your USPS postage balance works like a debit card. You add postage to your account. Then buy labels with the postage you have already paid for. Automatic postage refills mean you're never interrupted to top off your postage balance. Learn how to set up auto refill postage balance.
    • Add Postage Alert - If you have not set up automatic postage refills and your postage balance is below the amount needed to ship your package, you will be prompted during Quick Ship to purchase more or sign up for Auto Refills.

How to: Quick Ship an order

  1. Find the order you want to ship. Click on the Actions arrow V in the far right column.
  2. Under the "Quick Ship" header, click the option for the service you wish to purchase a label.quick_ship_saved_preset_orders_page.png

    NOTE: the Quick Ship options are populated from your Shipping Presets.

    • If you do not see any options within the Quick Ship menu:
      You can add your own by creating a Shipping Preset. Learn more.
    • If you already have many Shipping Presets, but cannot find the one you need:
      You can customize which Shipping Presets are available for Quick Ship. Learn more.
  3. It's time to print your label!


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