How to: Create a batch shipment

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Creating a batch shipment allows you to apply a set of shipping preferences across all orders with a single selection. So, instead of processing individual shipments and selecting a rate for each one – you can now apply your preferred carrier/method/box type across as many as you'd like.

Follow these steps to create a batch shipment when on the ORDERS page:

  1. Select one or more orders by checking the white box at the far left hand side of the order screen.

    select orders to batch.PNG

  2. Select the Group as Batch button at the top center of the ORDERS page.

  3. Your batch will be sent to and visible on the READY TO SHIP page. 


  4. To process a selected batch, click on the item/batch name. Make your carrier selection for the batch and select one of the Review or Pay & Print options when complete. 

NOTE: the individual "Ship To" address for each order will automatically populate on each shipping label based on details entered by the buyer in your store. Click on individual order listings in the "Pending Queue" to review the address details.



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