How to: Create a shipment

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Create a shipment in 3 easy steps! A shipment consists of one or more orders and allows you to assign an individual service and rate against each order. If you would like to create a shipment of more than one order AND assign the same service and rates, then click here for more information on creating a batch shipment.

To create a shipment:

  1. You can select either one or more orders to ship by simply checking the tick box(es).

  2. Once you've selected the orders(s), select the Create Shipment button.

  3. After you've created a shipment, the number of orders will show on the SHIPMENTS button. Selecting this button will take you to the READY TO SHIP page where you can complete your shipment.

Once you've created a shipment, you're ready to select a Carrier and Service. Learn more.

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