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ShippingEasy subscribers can take in a quick overview of their recent shipping history on the REPORTS dashboard to view one of our default reports - Shipping Report, Order Report, Product Sales Report, or Inventory Report. If you need to dig a little deeper into the data, you can build one from the ground up using the Custom Report. Keep in mind, custom reports are only able to report shipments, not orders. Once you are done, you can download the report for analysis or record keeping.

Reports are not available on the Starter plan.

To create a custom report:

  1. Click on the REPORTS tab from the navigation bar at the top of your screen. You will see graphs that represent how you ship out your packages.
  2. Select the Store and Report Date Range for which you would like to generate the report.
    select store report date range.PNG
  3. Expand the Custom Reports menu and select + Create Report.
  4. If you would like to save the report, fill in the Report Name.
  5. A basic report will display below. Customize the data by clicking the Show/hide columns button. Check the metrics you would like to include in your report.
  6. If you want to save the report, click the blue Save New button.
  7. You have two options to download the report: now or on a recurring schedule. Make your selection by clicking the blue Export button.
    • Select Now to immediately generate a CSV file with your data.
    • Select Schedule to set up a recurring report.  Learn more.
  8. If you select Now, the report is promptly generated on the REPORT EXPORTS page. Under the "Latest Reports" section, you will see the report. Please give the system a few minutes to compile the data and then refresh the page to download your report.
  • View and edit your reports under the REPORTS page by expanding the Custom Reports menu and selecting the report name.
  • View previous reports you have downloaded by expanding the REPORTS tab and selecting Exports.



There is no REPORTS tab on the navigation bar at the top of my screen.

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Hi Rich,

Thank you for your comment!

Our Reports feature is available to those on the Basic plan or above.  Those on the free Starter plan will not see the Reports feature listed.

You can see this listed along with other reasons to upgrade to Basic here:  I have a free Starter account - why should I upgrade to the Basic plan?


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