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When orders are added into ShippingEasy, addresses are run through a verification system. Both domestic and international addresses are checked for validity. If an address cannot be validated, it will be flagged as invalid.

Address Validation

ShippingEasy will validate your domestic addresses using a USPS address validation tool. International addresses are validated through Melissa DATA, an international delivery validation tool, provided courtesy of our parent company

  • ShippingEasy verifies US mailing addresses, providing the latest USPS Delivery Point Validation service, which indicates if a given address is true "deliverance" as determined by the USPS. This system will sometimes allow ShippingEasy to offer a suggested correction if it is detected as a known address.
  • Melissa DATA verifies international delivery addresses and provides a tool for locating and correcting inaccurate or missing address elements. This system also supports lookups in ten different languages.

Learn how ShippingEasy validates addresses.

An address that has been validated will look similar to these:

  Valid Address Invalid Address
On the ORDERS page

On the READY TO SHIP page



Using Invalid Addresses vs Correcting the Address

You will need to decide whether you want to manually review all invalid addresses or if you want ShippingEasy's to help you accept valid addresses more quickly.

It is possible to print a label for an address that cannot be validated. However, if you use an address that cannot be verified, you are taking the risk that the package may not be delivered. We recommend contacting the buyer to confirm the address is correct before assuming any risk.

On the other hand, ShippingEasy can help you correct domestic address errors automatically in many instances. To use these features, you must first grant ShippingEasy permission to automatically correct address issues. These automation options include:

  • Standardize addresses and correct errors: correct ZIP codes, city name misspellings, and punctuation. Permission is granted on a per-store basis. Learn more about auto-correcting domestic address errors.
  • Always use suggested address: ShippingEasy's address verification system will suggest a valid address when there is a close match to an invalid domestic address. Suggested addresses may be accepted on a per order basis or accepted automatically for all invalid domestic addresses.

Manually Review and Accept Addresses

Use a non-validated address

When an address cannot be validated, you will need to either fix or accept the invalid address before you can create a label. This step ensures that you have reviewed the address and that you have accepted the risk associated with using invalid addresses.

  1. Within the recipient address view, opt to Fix or Edit the address.

    On the ORDERS page:


    On the READY TO SHIP page:


  2. On the ORDER DETAILS Page, you can make updates to the address.
  3. Once you have finished, click the Update Order button.
  4. If you are sure that you want to use the address that could not be verified, click the Use Anyway button.

    On the ORDERS page:


    On the READY TO SHIP page:


Use Melissa DATA to Correct an International Address

International addresses can be tricky to correct. Melissa DATA provides an easy-to-use tool to help successfully correct many international addresses.

  1. Open the Melissa DATA Global Address Check tool.
  2. Enter the Country and Street Address. Then click Verify Address.
  3. Review the corrected address suggestion and decide if you should use it for your shipment.
    • Address results indicating "Verification to the Premises level", should validate in ShippingEasy.
    • Address results indicating "Partial Verify to Thoroughfare" (or other) level, may not validate in ShippingEasy. In these cases, we would recommend confirming the address with your buyer, and/or attempting to use "00000" for the postal code. Learn more.

Find more tips for troubleshooting international addresses.

Find Invalid Addresses that Have Been Accepted

On the ORDERS page, there are several pages to find the Invalid Addresses that have been accepted.

"Address Type" filter


"Address" column


Order Details view


Automatically Correct Addresses

Automatically Use Suggested Addresses

For faster processing, you can automate the acceptance of valid addresses. You can select to do this on the ORDERS or AUTOMATIONS page. Once selected, ShippingEasy will apply the suggested address to any future order with an address that cannot be validated.

On the ORDERS page
  1. If an address has been found to have a close match to an invalid domestic address, you can opt to Use Suggested address.
  2. Once you click Use Suggested, you will be prompted to select "Always Use Suggested" addresses on the AUTOMATIONS page. Opting to always use suggested addresses will automate this process for all future orders.
  1. Go to the SETTINGS page in the top right corner of the app.
  3. Check the box next to Always Use Suggested Address.



We normally contact the customer when the system notes an Invalid Address.   But Shipping Easy does not allow me to write + save an Internal Note of this process, unless I accept the invalid address.  


Any plans to correct this?

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Hello Ted!

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you are seeing.  I was able to look into your account and I see that order #11491 has an invalid address.  I am also seeing that there was an internal note added about that address being invalid and that you were waiting on a response from the customer.  It looks like this worked without having to save the invalid accepted address.  Is this working for you now?  If not, let me know a little bit more about the notes process you are using.


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The only way I could save the Internal Note on #11491 was to accept the invalid address. So the current process is not working correctly (IMO).  We normally leave this type of order in the queue until we get customer feedback.  The internal notes are to keep the rest of our staff informed. 

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Hello Ted!

Thanks for the clarification. Currently, it does look like that would have to be accepted first so the notes could save. My apologies. The ability to add notes without that being saved would be a feature request.

I highly recommend you place a feature request in our forums for this option to become available! Posting in these forums will allow you to be notified when this option is released by our development team I'm including a link below that describes how to post.

How do I share my feedback with ShippingEasy? 

Let me know if you have any other questions


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