If my address won't validate can I use it anyway?

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ShippingEasy validates domestic addresses through Dial-A-Zip, a US address verification tool that is offered by Endicia and supported by the USPS. International addresses are validated through Melissa DATA, an international delivery validation tool, provided courtesy of our parent company

  • When you enter a domestic address that does not validate, in the Manual Order window, READY TO SHIP page, or CUSTOMER ADDRESSES page, you will be given the option to "Edit Address" or "Use Anyway" if there are no alternative suggestions offered. If an alternative domestic address is suggested, you will be given the option to use the alternative or ignore it and proceed.

  • If an international address will not validate, you are given the option to "Edit Address" or "Use Anyway" and proceed. In this instance, you can edit the address and use the Melissa DATA tool here for international address suggestions, or proceed and use the address as is.
NOTE: by opting to use an address that will not validate, you are taking the risk that the package may not be delivered or could be delayed. We recommend contacting the customer to confirm that this address is correct before you make that decision.




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