How does ShippingEasy validate addresses?

As part of processing the data for each order, ShippingEasy validates domestic addresses through a US address validation tool from USPS. International addresses are validated through Melissa DATA, an international delivery validation tool.

Automatic ZIP Code Correction

For domestic addresses, ShippingEasy will automatically replace invalid ZIP code values whenever the address provides enough information to calculate the correct ZIP code. In addition, ShippingEasy will add the appropriate ZIP+4 code. For example:

Original Address With Corrected ZIP
1149 Ellsworth Dr
Pasadena, TX 77505
1149 Ellsworth Dr
Pasadena, TX 77506-4858 

Address Errors That Are Ignored

ShippingEasy tries to avoid marking domestic addresses as invalid for minor spelling and punctuation problems. As long as the address is "deliverable" as defined by the latest USPS Delivery Point Validation data, ShippingEasy will not mark the address as invalid. So ShippingEasy ignores minor spelling and punctuation errors. Examples include:

Address Issue Ignored
4250 Koval Ln
Los Vegas NV 89109
The city is misspelled. It should be
Las Vegas. 
800 Washington Ave
St Louis MO 63101
Abbreviation used instead of the full name. It should be
Saint Louis.
102Maple St
Denton TX 76201
Missing space after the street number. It should be
102 Maple St.
359 Old Meramec Station Rd
Ballwin MO 63021
The primary city for the ZIP code specified instead of the preferred city for the street address. It should be

ShippingEasy can automatically correct minor spelling and punctuation errors on domestic addresses. Learn more.

Address Errors That Cannot Be Corrected

For domestic addresses, ShippingEasy relies on USPS data to validate each address. If the address is not in the USPS data it is invalid. A domestic address is usually marked as invalid for one of two reasons.

  • An incorrect street number or name can cause an invalid address. Example: 23616 Summer Pine Dr, Spring, TX 77373 has a street number that does not exist. The tax records for that part of Texas list 23614, 23618, and 23622 as valid street numbers for Summer Pine Dr, but not 23616.
  • A domestic address exists but does not receive mail service. The USPS defines an eleven-digit delivery point code for every domestic address. If the USPS has not assigned a delivery point code then the address is invalid. Example: 940 Constitution Blvd, New Kensington, PA 15068 is an accurate street address but gets no postal service. 


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