Why won't my address validate?

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When selecting a CARRIER AND SERVICE within the READY TO SHIP page, ShippingEasy will validate your domestic addresses through SmartyStreets, a US address validation tool. International addresses are validated through Melissa DATA, an international delivery validation tool, provided courtesy of our parent company

  • SmartyStreets verifies US mailing addresses, providing the latest USPS Delivery Point Validation service, which indicates if a given address is indeed "deliverance" as determined by the USPS. This system will sometimes allow ShippingEasy to offer a suggested correction if it's detected as a known address.

  • Melissa DATA verifies international delivery addresses and provides a tool for locating and correcting inaccurate or missing address elements. This system also supports lookups in ten different languages.

If you receive an "Address could not be verified" error, the address entered was unable to be classified as "deliverable" by the USPS.

For Domestic Addresses:

  • Click the Edit link to view any corrected addresses if available, or use the option to proceed and use the address anyway.
  • Take a close look at the formatting of the address - a street name may need abbreviated (i.e. North would be N.) or vice versa and make any changes necessary. 
  • Still coming up short? Click here to use the USPS address validation tool to see if another suggestion is offered. 

For International Addresses

If an address cannot be validated using these tools, you have the option to override the verification and proceed anyway or you may need to take your shipment to a USPS retail location for further assistance with validation.

NOTE: by opting to use an address that will not validate ("Use Anyway"), you are assuming a risk of non-delivery or delay.
We recommend contacting the buyer to confirm the address is correct, or troubleshooting international addresses here before accepting any risk.


To proceed with an unverified address, click "Use Anyway" to assume the risk of non-delivery or delay.



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