FAQs: Combine Orders

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If you have multiple orders that are all shipping to the same address, you can combine them - saving time and money!

How can I combine orders?

ShippingEasy makes it easy to combine multiple orders from a customer if they are going to the same address. This allows you to consolidate orders into a single shipment and save shipping and packing costs. For more information, take a look at our step by step guide here.

Where are email notifications sent for combined orders?

The shipment confirmation email will get sent to the email address on the surviving order and will contain the order data for the surviving order.

What happens to the line items when I combine orders?

When orders are combined, the line items costs are not totaled. Rather, the Subtotal from the master order will display. 

What happens to my Quickbooks data when I combine orders?

If you have integrated QuickBooks with ShippingEasy, we will send the individual line item data to QuickBooks to ensure correct calculations in QuickBooks. Learn more about the QuickBooks integration.

What happens to my packing slip data when I combine orders?

If you use packing slips in ShippingEasy, we do not recommend their use as invoices. If you combine orders regularly, it may be advisable to edit your templates to exclude order Subtotals and/or Totals. Learn more about customizing packing slips.


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