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ShippingEasy’s Category feature is a great way to stay organized. With this feature, you can label and organize your shipments in any way you want!

Want to organize your shipments by carrier? No problem! For instance, you could create a Category called USPS. Busy during the holiday rush? You might want to create a Category called Halloween or Christmas so you know which orders are important.

All Categories correspond to a specific color (which you can edit), making it easy to differentiate between shipments and Category types. You can also filter your search results by Category. So if you made a Category called “Holidays” and wanted to view all your holiday orders, all you have to do is filter your search by “Holidays” Category.


  1. To apply a category to an order, simply select the check box next to the order(s) you want to categorize on the ORDERS Page.

  2. Then select More >> Categorize and select a color to apply to the shipments.

  3. Your shipments will now update and be tagged with the selected color.
  4. In order to filter your orders screen by this category, expand the "Category" filter and select the check box next to the category you want to filter by.

    categories in sidebar.PNG

  5. To edit the category color and/or label, select More >> Categorize and then select Edit Categories. A modal window will appear where you are able to edit the color and label for that category. Select Update Categories to apply the changes.

    edit categories.PNG

  6. If you would like to see all shipments that have not been categorized, there is also a filter on the left hand of the ORDERS Page under "Category" where you are able to too see any orders that do not have a category assigned to them.



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