Splitting Orders | Guide [Video]

ShippingEasy supports several ways to split orders, accommodating many situations. Within ShippingEasy you can:

  • Bulk split all order items in an order into new orders: a fast way to separate out each order item into its own order. Learn how to bulk split orders.
  • Manually dividing order items and quantities into new orders: gives you maximum oversight over how order items, and their quantities, are split out into new orders. Learn how to manually split orders.
  • Automatically splitting orders via Shipping Rules: for a streamlined and efficient process to handle recurring order splits, providing options to break out and split by SKU, or split all line items. Learn how to automate order splits.

This video shows you how to use split order and split order items to break orders into multiple new orders.

When an order is split, the original order items are separated into two or more new orders. Also, the order totals - such as shipping paid and sales tax - are recalculated for each new order. Order totals are divided so that the sums of the new orders equals that of the original order. Learn how split order totals are calculated.

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