Why don’t all of today’s shipments appear on my USPS Scan Form?

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To be included on a SCAN form, a shipment must be added ON or BEFORE the ship date on the label.  In addition, SCAN forms must be created between 12:00AM - 9:00PM PST.

If you’re printing labels between 9:01PM PST and 12:00AM PST, they will only be eligible for a SCAN form if you advance the ship date.

For example, if you generate labels at 11PM PST and

  • set the ship date for the same day, they will not qualify for any SCAN form.  
  • advance the ship date to tomorrow, you can add them to a SCAN form until 9:00PM PST tomorrow.

If you plan to print the USPS SCAN Form from ShippingEasy, here are some helpful tips.


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