Filter Shipments to USPS SCAN Form | How To

USPS SCAN Forms are a tool to help save you and your mail courier time when scanning your packages. Learn more about USPS Scan Forms.

Separate USPS SCAN Forms are required for each combo of Ship Date and Origin Zip Code.

  • The Ship Date corresponds with the date the courier is picking up the packages.
  • The Origin Zip Code matches the location where the packages are being shipped from. 

ShippingEasy will automatically generate a USPS SCAN Form for each combination of ship date and location. However, if you would like to have more control over which forms are generated, you can filter all eligible shipments down to the ones you are ready to add to a USPS SCAN Form.

Filter for Shipments to be Included on a USPS SCAN Form

  1. Click SHIPPING and select SHIPMENT HISTORY.
  2. Then click the USPS SCAN Form link, above the table of shipments.
    TIP: also navigate to USPS SCAN Forms from the READY TO PRINT page.
  3. On the USPS SCAN FORM page, notice the filtering options on the left side of the page:
    • Ship Date
    • Origin Zip Code
    • Store
  4. Select the filter options corresponding to the USPS SCAN Form you need to print.

    A separate USPS SCAN Form is required for each combination of "Ship Date" (pickup date) and "Origin Zip Code" (ship from location).

    Multiple USPS SCAN Forms can be presented to your courier. However, having a single USPS SCAN Form for the day will simplify the process of accounting for all included shipments. Learn more about USPS SCAN Forms.

  5. Click the Create SCAN Form button and you are all set!


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