USPS SCAN Forms | Overview

What is a USPS SCAN Form, and why is it useful?

The short answer: one USPS SCAN Form gets scanned for all shipments!

The long answer: Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice is a daily shipment manifest that contains a master barcode. The barcode links all the labels you have printed for packages that are ready for drop off or pick up service. 

This reduces the number of scans necessary when you drop off your packages or have them picked up by the USPS. In return, you have the peace of mind that all of your shipments on the SCAN Form have been successfully scanned in with the USPS. 

The SCAN form shows the count of packages, the Ship From address and a single barcode.

After clicking the link for the tracking #, you will be taken to the tracking page where you can see the label events. Once the package is scanned, the label event will show "Acceptance".
acceptance scan form 2.png


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