A USPS SCAN form, or Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, is a single form containing a master barcode. The barcode links all the labels you have printed for packages that are ready for drop off or pick up service.

Why should I use a USPS SCAN form?

If you ship multiple packages a day, USPS SCAN forms will save you time. The USPS requires that each package is scanned into the mail stream. With the master barcode, all the packages can be scanned at once rather than one-by-one.

Why am I not able to create USPS SCAN forms in ShippingEasy?

The option to create a USPS SCAN form, from within ShippingEasy, is available to paid plans: including Basic, Plus, Select, Premium, and Enterprise. Unfortunately, USPS SCAN forms are not available to Starter subscribers, from within ShippingEasy. Learn more about the features of each plan.

Any ShippingEasy subscriber with a USPS postage account can also create a USPS SCAN form by logging into your postage provider account. Learn more.

How do I create a USPS SCAN form?

Follow our step-by-step guide.

Once the SCAN form begins processing, it can take up to 10 minutes to complete. If there is any issue with completing the process, the SCAN form will attempt to re-process and the status will show "Retrying". If a SCAN form does not complete, the status will show "Failed".

When do I create USPS SCAN forms?
  1. After purchasing your labels for the day.

    While you can create multiple USPS SCAN forms each day, waiting until you finish processing your shipments makes for less paperwork.

  2. On or before a labels' ship dates.

    Only labels with a ship date on or after the day that you're creating the USPS SCAN form will be eligible to be included on a USPS SCAN form. This means that any labels with a ship date prior to SCAN form creation will not be eligible for inclusion on a SCAN form.

  3. Before your scheduled pick-up or drop-off time.

    You will need to have the USPS SCAN form in hand at package pick-up or drop-off.

    In almost all cases, the USPS is no longer accepting shipments with the current date’s postmark by 9 pm based on the ship from address time zone for the label. For customers who want to create SCAN forms at this late hour, the best approach is to postdate the shipments.

Which shipments are eligible for a USPS SCAN Form?

SCAN Forms are created from the USPS SCAN Forms page.

Shipments that meet the following conditions will be visible on this page, and are eligible to be added to a USPS SCAN Form:
  • Purchased USPS labels.
  • Labels with Ship Date on or after today, which match the Ship Date filter.
  • Labels with the same Ship From address that matches the Origin Zip Code filter.
  • Labels for orders from the store that match the Store filter.
If USPS labels are cancelled before you create a SCAN Form, they will no longer be eligible to be added to the SCAN Form. These shipments will not appear on the USPS SCAN Form creation page. USPS labels are cancelled after you create a SCAN Form, the SCAN Form is no longer valid.
Why are some of my shipments missing from the USPS SCAN form?

A count of shipments is displayed at the bottom of the USPS SCAN form page. If you are missing shipments, take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

Amazon Prime shipments will not appear on your USPS SCAN forms.

Because Amazon does not provide an equivalent SCAN form feature for USPS shipments, all Amazon Prime shipments sent via USPS will not be listed on any SCAN form.

What do I do with the USPS SCAN form?

All packages must be shipped the same day the shipping labels are printed.  When dropping off your packages at the USPS Post Office or upon the carrier's arrival to pick up your packages, present the USPS SCAN form and included packages to the USPS Post Office clerk/carrier. 

How many labels can be included on a SCAN Form?

USPS SCAN Forms created via a ShippingEasy One Balance account may include up to 200 labels.

Can a label be included on multiple USPS SCAN forms?

Once a label is on a USPS SCAN Form, it cannot be included on another USPS SCAN Form.

Can I create more than one USPS SCAN form in a day?

Yes, you can create more than one USPS SCAN form per day. This is especially helpful if you have more than one pick up time per day. Keep in mind that you will need at least two shipments in order to create a USPS SCAN form. 

Why did I receive multiple USPS SCAN forms?

A unique USPS SCAN form will be created for each ship date and each ship from location.

If you ship from multiple locations, you'll need to generate a SCAN form for each Origin Zipcode.

Also, you will receive additional USPS SCAN forms for each ship date selected. Learn how to filter your shipments before creating a USPS SCAN form.

Can I cancel a label once it's been included on a SCAN form?

Yes, but the label will need to be cancelled via your USPS postage account.

A label can be cancelled as long as the package has not moved past "Accepted" in the tracking details. Once a label has moved past "Accepted" it cannot be cancelled. Learn how to cancel a USPS label.


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You guys are killing me!  I can't find where I can contact any one for help with a SCAN form.  According to the step-by-step instructions, the option to create a scan form should be on my shipment page or shipment history page.  IT ISN'T THERE!  The only way I have found that I can create a SCAN form is to go onto the postage company's page (what is it called endicia or something) and create the form there.  THIS IS VERY ANNOYING AND TIME CONSUMING.  What am I missing?  I can't figure it out and there's nowhere for me to ask a question.  Makes me want to use another shipping service.


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Hello Meredith - Thank you for reaching out. I'm very sorry for the trouble that you've run into with the USPS SCAN form feature.

After looking into your account, it appears that you are subscribed to the Starter plan. Unfortunately, USPS SCAN forms are not available on the Starter plan. This is a great plan for small businesses looking to control their costs (as the plan is free!) but we're also not able to offer every feature with this plan. You're welcome to learn more about this plan, and the benefits of upgrading, in the articles below:

I have also taken this opportunity to update this article to make it clearer which plans have access to the USPS SCAN form feature. This includes the Basic plan, and all other paid subscriptions.

One other great note that your raise is that USPS SCAN forms can be created from We have steps to do so in the following guide:

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The system creates a different USPS scan sheet for each account. If I have to hand multiple sheets to the post office, they might as well scan each package individually. How can I change settings so that all the labels are included on one piece of paper?

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Hello Brock, and thanks for posting in our Support Center.

While ShippingEasy does create separate SCAN forms for both your Endicia First Class and Endicia International & Expedited accounts, there will be only one bar code for USPS to scan for each form. 

Unless you are also shipping from multiple locations, you're typically looking at a possible total of two bar codes that need to be scanned for each day, if you print your SCAN forms at the end of your shipment processing. USPS recognizes the need for those to be separated, so they shouldn't have a problem scanning two bar codes for one location, or possibly more if you are shipping from multiple locations.

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I have been having issues creating a usps scan form lately. It keeps popping up as failed with no rhyme or reason working some days and not others.  My mail carrier will not scan my stuff at all without this and packages have become missing. Is there something I am doing wrong? invalid stampstxid is the error I am getting. Please advise.

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Hi Maryann,

Thank you for your message!

I recommend double checking the times that the SCAN forms are being created.  Keep in mind the 9pm cut off time.  If you receive an error in ShippingEasy, you could try generating the form directly on the labelserver site using the steps listed here (click on the option):  How to: Print a USPS SCAN form on

If that doesn't do the trick then please reach out to us via email, phone, or chat using the links at the top of the app so we can troubleshoot further.  Thanks!

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