What happens if I click 'retry' when a label has failed?

From time to time, a label will fail to generate. In other words, the shipment did not process. You are not charged if a "Label Failed-Retry" message appears.
You can find the record of the failed label on the READY TO PRINT and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.
The message displayed under the LABEL FAILED message will tell you more about what caused the error. Clicking the Retry button will return the label to the READY TO SHIP page.


Single shipment:
Select "Retry" and the label will return to the READY TO SHIP page for you to retry.
Multiple shipments:

Click the shipments you want to retry and select the "Retry Selected" button at the top of the READY TO PRINT page. This will send all labels back to READY TO SHIP with one click.

Labels that were originally in a batch that failed will be sent back to READY TO SHIP as individual shipments, not shipments within a batch.


Select "Retry" and the label will return to the READY TO SHIP page for you to retry.



I would like someone to work on the labels that failed. As attached you can see I get these messages all the time. Most of the time they are saying the company name is too long, or the customer's phone number is not enough digits. I would LOVE for it to not get to this screen before it told me that. Why can't it tell me in the ready to ship screen like it does sometimes for company names or even the address can't be verified. (picture 4) Its a pain in the butt to have to go back and re put in the package information when these items have already been done in a batch. Please help fix this!! Thanks

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Hello Chris, and thank you for posting to our support center.

While our Ready to Ship page should alert you to company names that are too long, unfortunately it does not currently provide an alert about invalid phone numbers.

Normally you will see a red alert triangle listed on the Batch header in your pending Shipment queue, and also on the specific order within the batch. The link below illustrates what those alerts will look like.

Overview: Pending Shipment Queue on the READY TO SHIP page

I will be happy to mention your needs for an alert for invalid phone numbers, to our Product Management team. I also encourage you to post in our Feature Request Forum:

Feature Requests - Shipping: Orders, Labels & Shipments

Our community has considerable influence on the course of our development. The more interest we see for certain features or integrations, the more likely they will be added to our app.

We look forward to seeing you in the Feature Request forum and taking an active role in helping to shape ShippingEasy!

Thank you.

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I have two packages I am trying to print labels for. Each time I try to print labels, it fails. I click retry and repeat the process again and again, every time it fails. I am not seeing any error message, so I don't know what the problem is. I have tried it in a Chrome browser and Firefox browser on a Mac and get the same result over and over.

Please help!


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