How do I print labels onto 8.5" x 11" paper/label stock?

Option 1

If you use OL145 8"x5" label stock, or an 8.5" x 11" label stock which matches the same specifications as OL145 (you can find the specification here then we automatically generate 2 4"x6" labels onto one 8"x5" page for USPS labels.

You simply select the 4"x6" (2 per page) option within the SETTINGS >>  LABELS page. Then when you go to print from the READY TO PRINT page, the PDF will have the correct format - you just need to select print from your browser.


Option 2

If you use a 8.5"x11" label stock which is NOT the same specification as OL145, then you can still print 2 4"x6" labels onto an 8.5"x11" paper size, but you will need to use Adobe to automatically arrange the 2 4"x6" labels onto the page for you.

  1. First ensure that the single 4x6 label is set within the SETTINGS >> LABELS page, not the 2 per page.
  2. When you have completed a shipment(s) a green ‘print’ button is shown within the READY TO PRINT page(either as a single label, or as a combined label if you have grouped these labels together, view more information on how to group labels). Select the green ‘print’ button and a new browser window will open containing your label(s).

  3. Before printing, you will need to open this PDF file within Adobe (this is what happens in SE1). This process differs per browser.

    For Chrome

    1. First select the ‘save’ icon.
    2. Then a ‘save’ dialogue window will open. Select 'Save'.
    3. Once saved, Chrome will show the downloaded file in the bottom of the browser window. Select the button to open the file in Adobe.

    For Firefox

    1. First select the 'download' icon at the top of the browser (1) - a 'Save' dialogue box opens. Select 'Open with' (2). Then select 'OK' (3).

    For Internet Explorer

    1. First select the ‘Save’ icon at the bottom of the browser window.
    2. Then a ‘save’ dialogue window will open. Select save.
    3. You will then need to open Adobe, and ‘Open’ the file from the same location which you saved the file to.


  4. Now that the pdf has been opened in Adobe, select ‘File’ and then ‘Print’
  5. The printer dialogue window will open – now select ‘Multiple’ and ensure there is a ‘2’ in ‘Pages per sheet’ setting.. This will automatically arrange your labels onto your label stock (as per the preview below).


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