How to: Print Packing Slips with my shipping Labels

If you would like to print a Packing Slip with your Label, there are a few options available!

  • Choose a label setting that always combines your Packing Slips and Labels:
    • Use a paper type that combines the packing slip and label onto a single page.
    • Use thermal labels and print the packing slips on the page after the label.
  • Choose a workflow where the Packing Slip is printed with the Label:
    • Buy & Print from the ORDERS or READY TO SHIP pages. Learn more.
    • Generate a PDF file from the READY TO PRINT page that combines Packing Slips with Labels. Learn more.

In this guide, we'll show you how to adjust your settings to print Packing Slips with your Labels. Since this option is defined in your settings, you can be sure that your Packing Slip and Labels will always print together - regardless of who is managing shipping operations for the day.

NOTE: two Packing Slip formats are supported for this workflow: 4"x6" horizontal and 8"x11" vertical, with a combination 4"x6" label.

To use settings to print Packing Slips with Labels:

  1. Click on the SETTINGS tab and select LABELS from under "LABEL SIZES & PRINTING OPTIONS".
  2. You'll see drop-down menus for label sizes for both Domestic and International Labels. Settings will need to be adjusted for each destination type separately.
  3. Set the Default Label Output size to 4"x 6". A number of Label options will appear. To always automatically print a Packing Slip with your Label select one of the following:
    • 4" x 6" Label (w/ Packing Slip)
    • 4" x 6" Label (Half sheet w/ Packing Slip)
    • Combo Slip (Packing Slip + 4" x 6" label)
  4. The current selection will be highlighted. After changing the selection, a box will appear letting you know your changes have been saved as the default label size.
  5. Once you've selected your option, select SAVE.

Now, whenever you purchase a new Label, the Packing Slip will print with the label automatically!

  • If you have set up ConnectEasy: your Label and Packing Slip will automatically print to the printer configured for the label type being printed. Learn how to integrate ConnectEasy on a Mac or PC.
  • If you have not set up ConnectEasy: your Label and Packing Slip can be printed from the READY TO PRINT page. Learn more.
TIP: Labels and Packing Slips can also be printed simultaneously without using a combination label via our Buy and Print feature and the Ready To Ship page. Learn more about Buying & Printing Labels and Packing Slips simultaneously.

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