Print USPS International Customs Forms | How To

We know international shipping can be tricky. So we have created a process that mirrors the steps for domestic shipping.

Overview of generating international customs forms

First, you will want to review your settings. Update your LABEL settings to ensure that customs forms print in the correct format.  Then fill out your INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT settings so that ShippingEasy can automatically complete customs forms.

Now it is time to purchase the international label by selecting a carrier, service, and package.

Purchasing international postage is slightly different with the addition of a customs Information section on the READY TO SHIP page. If you set up your INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS settings, you likely will not need to make any adjustments to the customs Information. All the same, it is important to review the information for accuracy. This will help avoid any delays through customs. Learn more about customs information on the READY TO SHIP page.

Once you have purchased the international postage, the customs forms are ready to print.

Steps to print international customs forms

If you have ConnectEasy enabled for international postage: the customs forms will automatically print to your designated printer. Learn more about configuring ConnectEasy.

If you do not have ConnectEasy set up for international postage: the customs forms will be waiting for you on the READY TO PRINT page.

To print USPS international customs forms from the READY TO PRINT page:
  1. Go to SHIPPING and select READY TO PRINT from the navigation bar.
  2. On the READY TO PRINT page, locate the order in the "Purchased Labels" box and click on the green Print icon to the right of the order.
  3. A new tab will open in your browser for you to print, or the label will be saved to your downloads folder. Open the PDF and print it to your preferred printer.

How many copies of the customs form do I need?

Some services will yield three customs forms/labels, and others only one.

Three (3) customs forms:

One (1) customs form:

  • Priority Mail International
    • Small Flat-Rate Box
    • Flat-Rate Envelopes
  • First-Class Mail International
  • Military Mail (APO, DPO, FPO, MPO), U.S. Territories, and the Freely Associated States
  • Select international destinations, including:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Costa Rica

I have multiple copies of the customs forms. What to do with all of them?

For shipments that produce three copies of the label, put them in a plastic sleeve affixed to the exterior of the package. Order customs form sleeves for FREE from the USPS.


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