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The READY TO PRINT page provides an area where you can easily consolidate and print your shipping labels and/or packing slips!

After you have processed a payment for one or more shipments from the READY FOR PAYMENT page, the generated shipping labels will show up on the READY TO PRINT page-ready to be printed!

Once your labels have been printed, the shipments will move to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page where you are able to track shipments, reprint labels, create return labels in a click and more!



1. Purchased Labels Pane   The left hand "Purchased Labels" pane provides a summary of the labels you have purchased but not yet printed. This includes any labels that may have failed during processing.
2. Printing a Batch of Labels, Packing Slips and Pick Lists

Print labels and/or packing slips for everything in the "Purchased Labels" pane or for specific line items. Use the Print All button to consolidate all your purchased labels into a single PDF for printing - or - check the box next to each order/batch you want to print and select the Print Selected button.  With either print button, you have four options:

  • Labels : Consolidate and print only labels.
  • Packing Slips : Consolidate and print only packing slips.
  • Labels & Packing Slips : Consolidate labels and packing slips into a single print job.
  • Pick Lists: Consolidate and print only pick lists


3. Printing a Single Label Once a label is purchased and ready to print, a Print button will appear next to the order number. If you would like to print labels one at a time, select the print icon and the label will open in a new browser tab for you to print.
4. Failed Label  Sometimes shipments experience unforeseen hiccups when you go to process them. For labels that fail, you can view the error messaging related to the shipment and based on the response, return them to the READY TO SHIP page to fix any errors or simply try to regenerate the label again.
5. Label Count The number of labels that you have waiting to be printed can be seen in the top navigation bar to the right so you'll never leave one behind.
6. Retry Selected
Allows for retrying one or more failed shipment labels. Select one or more failed shipment labels and send all labels back to READY TO SHIP with one click.
NOTE: labels that failed and were originally in a batch will be sent back to READY TO SHIP as individual shipments, not shipments within a batch.
7. Print Queue
The "Print Queue" will display all consolidated print jobs generated from the READY TO PRINT "Purchased Labels" pane, the ORDERS page, and the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
8. Clear Queue
The "Clear Queue" button gives you the option to clear the backlog of labels in the Print Queue.
Don't worry - these labels are not lost! Once purchased, your shipments also move to the SHIPMENT HISTORY Page where you can reprint them if needed.
This button is only visible when the user has been given permission. Learn more.
9. Batch History
Records all of the labels for batches that you have printed in the past 72 hours so you can easily reprint them if required! Click Refresh to see any updates to this list.
10. Global Search Bar Type in an order number or tracking number into the
search field at the right edge of our navigation bar and a page displays to show you the results.
If more than one order matches, a window displays so that you can select the specific order you want.



I can not print labels that are ready to print.  

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I'm having the same issue


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Hi Tony and Bill,

You may be experiencing an issue printing from Microsoft Edge, their PDF viewer is currently having issues. If you try printing from either Chrome or Firefox you should have no issue. 

If this doesn't solve the problem please let us know!


Matthew Fox

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