Print Multiple Labels per Page | How To

Whether it is one, two, or four, you can easily print multiple labels to a page. If you always want to print a set number of labels to a page, it is best to adjust your ShippingEasy label settings. However, if you would like to generate your labels as individual labels, you can use your computer's printer settings to print multiple pages to one - learn how.

In this guide, we will walk you through adjusting your label settings in ShippingEasy. Once your label settings have been adjusted, you will be ready to purchase and print your labels.

Changes to label settings will only impact new label purchases.

Previously purchased labels will retain the format in place when the label was purchased. Learn more.

USPS Labels must be batch printed to print multiple per page.

If you have selected either:
4"x6" Label - 2 centered half sheet labels or 4"x6" Label - 2 per page the orders must be batched together on the READY TO PRINT page in order be printed together. Otherwise, ShippingEasy will process the shipments individually and print the labels separately. Learn more about batching labels.

FedEx and UPS Multi-box shipments can print multiple per page.

ShippingEasy supports multi-box label generation for these carriers on 4x6 label sizes. Learn more about adding multiple packages to a shipment.

To update your label settings to print multiple labels to a page:

  1. From anywhere in ShippingEasy, navigate to the SETTINGS page.
  3. You will find the various settings you can choose from. Click on the drop-down menu next to Default Label Output. For each size, you can choose from several different formats.domestic label output format 2.png
  4. As soon as you make a selection, the selection will highlight and automatically save as your default.
    domestic label output format 2.png

  5. These new defaults will apply to any new labels that you create.  Just load your printer with the correct paper for the label you have selected and you are ready to print multiple labels to a page!


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