How to: Print individually purchased labels

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You've sorted your orders, assigned rates and generated labels. The last step before your shipments go out the door is printing. With just a few clicks you can organize, combine, print and reprint your labels. Follow these steps to start shipping in no time:

  1. Hover over the SHIPMENTS tab from any page in your ShippingEasy account and select READY TO PRINT.

  2. You'll see a blue status bar while your labels are being prepared.

    blue status bar ready to print.png

  3. When they're ready to print, a green Print button will appear under the ACTIONS column. You can print individual orders by clicking on the Print button.
    purchased labels ready to print.PNG

  4. If you'd like to print more than one order, you can select the check boxes for multiple orders. The check boxes are located on the left hand side of each order. 

    ready to print checked boxes.PNG

  5. Once you've checked multiple orders, the 'Print Selected' button at the top will change to say: 'Combine & Print Selected'. This button has a drop down menu with several different printing options available, once you've selected the orders you'd like to print a label for.
    combine and print labels packing slips.png

  6. After you've made your selection from the drop down menu, your combined or individual labels will be sent to the "Print Queue" label box on the right hand side of the screen.

  7. Any labels for batches will be recorded and saved under the "Batch History" section directly to the right of the "Print Queue" tab. This section saves all of the batch labels that you have generated over the past 72 hours.
    batch history domestic batch.PNG

  8. Once you click print on a batch of labels or an individual label, your labels will be sent directly to your printer if using ConnectEasy, or a new tab displaying your PDF label will open in your browser.

  9. If you need to re-print a label, create a duplicate, track or cancel your label, then you can do so from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
    Find out more information on the Shipment History page.

If you're looking for more on setting up your shipping labels, check out our step by step guide.


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