Cancelling USPS Label After Mailing Package | Overview

Did you accidentally cancel a USPS label in ShippingEasy after mailing out the shipment? Not to worry!

Cancelling a label does not make it ineligible to enter the mail stream.  Rather, cancelling a label submits a request for a refund of the money paid. If the package is mailed, the refund will be denied.

Once the refund request is received, our label provider waits for approval from USPS before processing the request to ensure that the shipment does not enter the mail stream. This can take up to 21 days.

If the package is not mailed, the refund is processed and deposited back to your One Balance account.

In either case, you will see the 'cancelled' status in ShippingEasy persist. However, it will not affect whether or not your package is shipped and received.


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