How to: Reprint an identical label for free

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One of the many great things about using ShippingEasy is the ability to reprint a label as many times as you need to. If you created an account with us after trying some other shipping solutions, you would have noticed that not everyone has this feature. To us, it's necessary. Things happen, but no need to worry!

Reprint one-at-a-time:

  1. Go to your SHIPMENT HISTORY under the SHIPMENT tab in the toolbar.

  2. Find the Order # for the label that you need to reprint (if it's not easily visible on the screen - you can type the Order # in the Search bar in the top left corner of the page). 

  3. Select "Label" from the Reprint menu to the right of the order. If you have a printer integrated, you'll see two options:
    • Send to printer: indicated with a printer icon:
    • Open as PDF: indicated with a page icon:

Reprint multiple at a time:

  1. Go to your SHIPMENT HISTORY under the SHIPMENT tab in the toolbar.

  2. Check the boxes on the far left of the orders you want to reprint labels for.

  3. Click the Print Action button to reprint the labels you have selected.

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    How do you change the format of the labels that you've already submitted to be printed? I just submitted 30 labels that then printed off as full pages, not 4x6 with packing slips on the same page as intended. I've changed my label settings, but how do I reformat my existing labels to fit that way?

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Elaine - Thanks for posting this to the forum. I hope that my email helped.

    I'd like to share some tips for the rest of our community.

    ShippingEasy generates labels as PDFs. These are in a read-only form and cannot be edited after they are generated. In addition, the reprints that are generated will always retain the original settings in place at the time that the label was purchased.

    The easiest option to reformat labels is to cancel the original labels and create duplicate labels. Duplicate labels are unique and will adopt whatever settings are in place at the time that the duplicate is created. The advantage to this approach are that you'll have your new, correctly formatted labels immediately. The disadvantage is that while cancelled labels will be refunded, the refund is not processed immediately, but rather subject to a waiting period imposed by USPS and our partner, Endicia.

    We have more information about cancelling and duplicating labels, as well as the refund process in the following articles:

    If you'd like to avoid cancelling your labels, you may be able to reconfigure the size of the label by adjusting your printer's scale settings or by adjusting the image size in an image editor. Although, we do not necessarily recommend these options.

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