How to: Create a unique duplicate label

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If you ever have an item that's been returned to you and needs exchanging, if you have recurring orders, or if you make a mistake on a label - ShippingEasy's duplicate label tool is what you're looking for!

NOTE: Duplicating a label within ShippingEasy will not duplicate any insurance or any of the label add-ons such as signature confirmation. If you would like to include these to be included on your duplicate label, you will need to edit the label before reprinting. See Step 5.

To create a unique duplicate label:

  1. From any page in your ShippingEasy account, hover your mouse over the SHIPMENTS tab and select SHIPMENT HISTORY from the drop down.
  2. Once on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, you can locate a shipment using the options below:
    • Manually scroll through your history. You can adjust the amount of shipments listed per page using the Results Per Page option in the bottom left corner.
    • Use the Global Search option in the Navigation bar to locate shipments. Learn more.
    • Use the the Shipment History search box or filters - both located to the left of your shipments and pictured below. Learn more about filtering shipments in the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  3. Once you've located the order you wish to duplicate, expand the V action menu icon to the far right of the order and select Create Duplicate Shipment.

    Alternatively, you can select one or more shipments using the checkbox on the left, and choose Duplicate Shipments from the Label Actions button.

    If locating shipments via Global Search, click the Create Duplicate Shipment option listed in the Actions box on the right.
  4. The order will automatically move to the READY FOR PAYMENT page. You will be guided to that same screen and a confirmation message will briefly appear letting you know a duplicate label has been set up for the selected order.
  5. All of the information for the duplicate will default to duplicate from the original order - i.e. the address and shipping method will be the same. Insurance and delivery confirmations are not duplicated from the original label and will need to be re-added by editing the shipment details.

    Edit the shipment details:

    On the READY TO PRINT page, click on the pencil icon under the "Options" column.

    You will be directed back to the READY TO PRINT page where you can edit any aspects of the label: the address, shipping method, insurance, third party billing, or customs information.

    Once you are ready to print the duplicate label:

    Complete purchase:

    If you do not need to edit the shipment details, click here to skip to the next step.

    Cease duplicating:

    If you have changed your mind and do not wish to duplicate the label, clicking the x located next to the pencil icon will allow you to remove the shipment from this page, sending it back to your SHIPMENT HISTORY.

  6. If you chose to edit the shipment, you'll be redirected to the READY TO SHIP page. Here you can edit the address, carrier selections, third party billing, and customs information. Learn more about editing each:
  7. When your edits are complete, click the grey Add to Cart button to review your order. The edited order will now automatically move to the READY FOR PAYMENT screen.

    Alternately, select Print Later to purchase the label now - then click here to skip to the next step.
  8. Click the Finish and Pay button. Doing so will charge the appropriate carrier account for the postage amount of the return shipment.
  9. The order will automatically move to the READY TO PRINT page where you will be navigated to as well. Locate the order in the "Purchased Labels" box and use the green Print button under the status/actions column to print the duplicate label. Learn more.


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