Cancel Shipping Label via ShippingEasy | How To

If you need to cancel a shipment - whether it is because your customer changed their mind or you made an error in processing - you can do so right from within your ShippingEasy account.

Below you will find information about cancelling labels with different carriers. Not all carriers have the same cancellation policy and labels will not be cancelled and refunded unless you specifically request it.

Important Information about Cancelling labels for USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL

USPS from ShippingEasy One Balance

In order to cancel a USPS label for a refund (standard or return) from ShippingEasy, it must have been purchased within the last 28 days and not move past "Accepted" on a USPS SCAN form.

Even when you are not able to cancel a USPS label in ShippingEasy, you may be able to cancel it from Learn more about cancelling a label.

Cancelling a USPS label will send an automatic refund request. After approval by the USPS, which is usually within 21 days, refunded postage will be returned to your account. Learn more.

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance

You can request a UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance label cancellation in the first 30 days after a label is created. If a label was not scanned, then a refund will be immediately issued to the account. You do not need to wait for UPS to review.

If the label was scanned or used, no refund will be issued.


UPS does not support cancelling a UPS Mail Innovations shipment. If you decide not to ship the package, simply throw away the UPS Mail Innovations label.

All other UPS labels (standard or return) that will not be used should be voided within 24 hours of processing the shipment.

Once 24 hours has elapsed, you will need to contact your local UPS customer service office for assistance voiding a UPS label (standard or return).


FedEx has specific requirements for cancelling FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery labels for a refund from within ShippingEasy. These shipments must be cancelled on or before the Ship Date in order for the cancellation request to be successful. FedEx will only charge for labels that are scanned and shipped. With FedEx Multi-box shipping, when one shipment needs to be cancelled within a group of shipments the entire group needs to be cancelled in order to get a refund for that shipment.


DHL Express does not support cancelling shipment labels.

Cancel a Single Shipment in ShippingEasy

  1. Go to the SHIPPING tab in the blue menu bar, and select SHIPMENT HISTORY.
  2. Once on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, locate the shipment that needs to be cancelled. You can scroll through your history, use the search field, and/or filter your orders.

    Any orders still listed on the READY TO PRINT page can also be found on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

  3. Once you have located the order that needs to be cancelled, expand the green V action menu on the right, and select Cancel Shipment.
  4. A modal window will appear, asking you to confirm the action. Click OK.
  5. Once the carrier has been notified of the cancellation request, you will see a message appear confirming the action as well as your postage refund.
  6. The shipment will remain on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page with a Cancelled status.

Cancel up to 25 Shipments at Once in ShippingEasy


  1. From any page in your ShippingEasy account, hover over the SHIPMENTS tab in the blue menu bar, and select SHIPMENT HISTORY from the drop-down.
  2. Once on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, locate the orders that need to be cancelled.  You can scroll through your history, use the search field, and/or filter your orders.
  3. Select the orders that need to be cancelled. Learn options to select multiple orders.

    TIP: Since only 25 orders can be cancelled at once, it may help to limit your Results Per Page to 25 shipments. Learn more.

  4. Expand the grey Label Actions button and select Cancel Shipments.
  5. A modal window will appear, asking you to confirm the action. Click OK.
  6. Once the carrier has been notified of the cancellation request, you will see a message appear confirming the action as well as your postage refund.
  7. The shipments will remain on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page with a Cancelled status.




In case of shipment cancelled because different shipping method desired, after canceling shipment, how do I create new shipment for this order using other shipping method/carrier?

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Ditto. I can't find any way to get the order back in the queue.


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Thank you for visiting our forums.  I believe that you're looking for the option to create a duplicate shipment.  This will allow you to generate a unique label with the same order details.  If you need to edit the shipping method, note step 6 in the preceding link.

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I created a label for the wrong number of units and was able to cancel it, but I'd like to now go back and re-do the order with the correct number of units. Duplicating the label won't allow me to make changes, will it? If not, how do I send an order back to the order queue in order to start again?

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Hello Nick - You are correct.  The duplicate shipment option will not allow you to edit the actual order.  However, the shipping carrier, method, package, and weight can all be edited via the duplicate shipment tool.  

At this time, the best way to edit order contents is to create a new manual order.  

Though, we have received some feedback via our Feature Request Forum to be able to edit order contents without recreating the order - perhaps you'd like to add a comment to our discussion? Our CEO and Product Manager actively monitor and engage in the forum as a way to better understand what options our users would like to see added to ShippingEasy.  The more feedback any idea receives, the more priority we can give to building it.

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The problem with canceling a shipment because you chose the wrong shipping method by mistake is not only having to recreate the shipment as a manual order but also your customer then gets 2 emails for the same shipment. It's embarrassing having to send them a separate email explaining that you messed up. It would be nice if Shipping Easy had a pop-up note telling you that the method you chose is not the same as the customer's preferred method so you could catch these mistakes before they happen.

It would be extra nice if the 'cancel this shipment' button gave you the option of sending the order back into the queue.

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Hello Angel Gilding - This is an excellent point about the duplicate emails.  I will share this consequence with our product team.  

Per your concerns about the customer's preferred shipping method, are you familiar with shipping rules?  Setting these up to automatically apply saved selections that match your customers' preferred shipping methods will help you avoid mistakes like this.  We have more information here:  What are Shipping Rules and How Do I Use Them?

If you find that you need to create a new label with the same address and order information as that included on a cancelled shipment, then you should take a look at our duplicate shipment option:  How do I create a duplicate label? Note: Step 6 will show you how to edit the shipping method.

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WOW hmm so im loving this app the only bummer is that the refund takes so long! "Endicia takes 14 to 21 business days for refunds"

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Ire - We're so glad to hear that you are digging the application! You're right - that part of the process is a bit of a bummer but it is, unfortunately, something we cannot control. However, I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate department.

We love hearing our shippers' feedback! Please keep it coming. You can actually see how to leave any requests for features here: Feature Request Forum

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Hi, we created a shipping label one 5/9/15 and the customer had a request that forced us to cancel that label and create another only a few minutes later on the same date. We had just purchased the postage....of $60 to complete the first label and when canceled, were forced to purchase again. This time, we did $55. However, both charges went through, meaning that we should have a balance of $60. Sadly, we still do not. When should we see the credited balance of $60 on our account?

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Hi Mill Crest Vintage -

When a label is cancelled in ShippingEasy, a refund request is immediately sent to Endicia. However, Endicia must wait 10 days before processing the refund to ensure that the package does not enter the mail stream. Endicia usually requires a few more days to finalize the refund, but you should see it deposited to your Endicia account within 14-20 days of cancelling the label.

These articles may answer other questions you have:

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How do I -
Customer placed an order through ebay I have processed it and an hour later same customer has another order for a same thing.
So I have 2 orders going to the same person. One of it was processed another still in a queue to be proced. I have canceled a first order and now I need to combine two orders together. HOW do I do that
As of these moment I have 1 order in a history as canceled, another one needs to be processed. Is there is a way that I can move that order to unprocessed queue so I can combine it together?

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Hi Armen - That's an interesting situation and we have some options, but unfortunately there's no way to move a Shipped order back to the Orders page. So, we're unable to modify the line items of the original order. Here are some ideas for you to consider:


Duplicate original order and drop ship new order:

You can generate a duplicate label from the original and edit the shipment weight/packaging to represent the total weight of the new shipment. Once you have a new tracking number, you can mark the "new" order as "drop shipped", with the tracking number.

  • Pros: ShippingEasy will update eBay with the new tracking number for the original order, as well as the new order. 
  • Cons: Your packing slips and/or emails will not have a complete list of line items.

Here are some resources to help with this option:


Edit new order:

Using the new additional order, you could add a line item to that order.

  • Pros: Any packing slips or emails generated for the order to contain the full list of contents from the two orders. 
  • Cons: This may prevent ShippingEasy from correctly updating one or both orders as "Shipped" within eBay. It would be advised to manually review each order in eBay to confirm that they are complete with tracking data and shipment status.

Here is a resource to help with this option:


Create a manual order and drop ship new order:

If you prefer not to edit the orders, you can create a manual order with all of the necessary line items. Once that order is shipped, you can mark the "new" order as "drop shipped", with the tracking number.

  • Pros: ShippingEasy will update the "new" order as Shipped within eBay. 
  • Cons: There's no option to update the tracking number on the original order, so ShippingEasy can't update that change back to your store. In addition, you would need to review your templates (email and packing slip) for your manual orders store to ensure that any documents generated for the order present your eBay brand.

Here are some resources to help with this option:

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I canceled a label using the instructions above, but my SHIPMENT HISTORY page does not have a STATUS column. Is there any other way to confirm that I've canceled and requested a refund for this label?

Thank you.

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Hello Karen, 

Yes! There is another way to confirm that you've cancelled the label. You can do this via This is actually the company that will be processing your label refund. 

You'll want to log in to Endicia first. Click here for the steps to log into Endicia

Next, you'll want to look at your Refund Request history within Endicia. You can do that using these steps.

This will show you if the refund has been requested and the status! 

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Thank you -- I see that the refund request is in process there. 

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Hello Karen,

Thank you for the update! I'm so glad to hear it worked out for you.


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My unused label will not cancel:

There were problems cancelling some shipments:
  • Order #24790011: could not be cancelled.

I don't want to create an Endicia account in order to receive a refund on this one label.

(The tracking nbr is 9405510298370203219297)

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Hi Brock,

Thank you for your post!

It looks like that particular order was included on a SCAN form.  As mentioned in the article linked below, those orders can be cancelled using your existing Endicia account on

Can I cancel a shipment that is included on a SCAN form?

Steps for cancelling a USPS label via including locating your login information can be found here:

How to: Cancel a USPS label via

Please keep in mind you have two Endicia accounts so you will need to log into the corresponding one.

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When a shipment is cancelled (after purchasing label) and a refund is requested, it appears that the inventory that was included in the order is not credited back to our inventory tracking in ShippingEasy. Is this correct - that if an order is shipped but the order is cancelled and a refund requested that the inventory will still be removed from the ShippingEasy tracked inventory?

Since it was cancelled before actually being shipped, I normally put the inventory back in stock so I would expect it to go back into the ShippingEasy tracked inventory also. Is there a case where users would expect the inventory to not get added back in that makes it behave this way?

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