How to: Track my shipments

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Tracking information for your shipments can be found in the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

  1. To locate tracking information for your labels, navigate to the SHIPMENT tab from any page on your ShippingEasy account. Hover over the tab and select SHIPMENT HISTORY  from the drop down.

    Shipment History dropdown.png

  2. Once you're on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, locate the order you'd like tracking information on either by manually scrolling through your history, using the search box or the filters - both located to the left - to narrow down your results.

    Filter menu unhighlighted.PNG

  3. Once you've located the order, you will see its tracking number on the far right as well as an icon indicating the shipments real-time status. Learn more about real-time status tracking icons.

  4. By clicking on that tracking number, you'll be taken to the carrier's tracking page, where you'll have access to the most up to date status of the shipment.



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