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Manage and review all of your processed shipments on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page!

This screen is where you can easily track your shipments every step of the way, plus cancel & refund labels, reprint labels & packing slips, duplicate labels and process 1-click returns!

Discover more of what's available on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page:


1. Search Find a particular order or a group of orders with the order keyword search tool. Find out more.
2. Filter

Filter to the orders you wish to see with the filter options to the left of your shipped orders. Only want to see returned orders? Want to see all labels you generated today? Managing your backlog of shipped orders is simple with these filters. Find out more.

3. USPS SCAN Form This form generates a single barcode for postal workers to scan instead of having to scan each package one-by-one. Learn more here.
4. Arrange Columns Arrange the order of your columns using this feature to quickly and easily find what you're looking for.
5. Sort  Simply click on the column you want to sort by and your orders will be sorted in ascending or descending order! Learn more about the available columns.
6. Insurance check will appear in the column if an order has been insured with Shipsurance. Click the check to view the insurance information and file claims.  
7. Returns We reverse the "Ship From" and "Ship To" addresses, apply rates and delivery options per the original shipment and then you are one click from a return shipping label PDF. You can edit your shipment method, too.  Find out more.
8. Duplicate Label If you regularly manage exchanges, have a subscription model where you send the same package each month to your customers or simply made an error on the original label, the Duplicate Label feature allows you to generate a label as per the original shipment. You are able to edit your shipment preferences, address details and ship date if you need. Find out more
9. Cancel shipment If a customer cancels their order or you simply made a mistake when processing a shipping label, you have the option to cancel the label and request a refund in a single click.  Once cancelled, the label will automatically be voided and your refund is processed (Note: refund processing times vary depending on the shipping provider). Find out more.
10. Add internal shipment notes

This option gives you the ability to add instructions, dates or other notes after the order is picked and packed.

11. Reprint Labels Misplaced your label? Printed it on the wrong paper? Not a problem! Simply select reprint to print an exact copy of your shipping label.
12. Track Click a shipment's tracking number to view the status of your shipment. Find out more.
13. Retry On occasion, ShippingEasy runs into an error updating the shipment status for an order back to your store.  When this happens, a cloud or retry store order update icon will appear to the right of the order.  Click the retry store order update icon and ShippingEasy will resend the shipment information to your store.
14. Print Multiple Packing Slips Bulk Action Buttons - Apply actions to multiple orders at the same time.  Check the box to the left of the orders you want to apply an action to, then select one of the following options:

Print Actions:

Learn more
  • Print Labels
  • Print Packing Slips
  • Print Customs Forms

Label Actions:

Learn more.


Learn more.
  • Retry Store Order Updates
  • Resend Email to Myself
  • Resend Email to My Customer



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  • Avatar
    Jamie Greene

    When I click retry,  it tells me I need to reach out for support. I am not sure what to do. 

  • Avatar
    Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Jamie,

    I'm sorry to hear you have run into an issue.

    I looked at your account but do not see what you are referring to so I am hoping the issue has been resolved.

    If you still need assistance, please email, chat, or call us using the links at the top of the app.  You have one-on-one support via those methods since you are on a paid plan (Basic or above).

    Thank you!

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