How to: Create a prepaid return label

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If your customer needs to return an item to you, ShippingEasy allows you to purchase and generate a prepaid label, and get it to your customer with just a few clicks, through the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.  

Notes about special case return labels:

  • International Shipments: it is not possible to create a prepaid return label for an International shipment within ShippingEasy.  Learn more about International return shipments.
  • Shipments not listed in Shipment History: prepaid return labels can be created for these shipments from QUICK SHIP > Return Label. Learn more.

To create a prepaid return label:

  1. Navigate to the SHIPMENTS tab in the blue menu bar, from any page on your ShippingEasy account. Hover over the tab and select SHIPMENT HISTORY from the drop down.
    dropdown shipment history.png

  2. Once on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, you can locate a shipment using the options below:
    • Manually scroll through your history. You can adjust the amount of shipments listed per page using the Results Per Page option in the bottom left corner.
    • Use the Global Search option in the Navigation bar to locate shipments. Learn more.
    • Use the the Shipment History search box or filters - both located to the left of your shipments and pictured below. Learn more about filtering shipments in the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  3. Once you've located the shipment that needs to be returned, click the green arrow icon to the far right of the shipped order, and select Create a Prepaid Return Shipment.shipment_history_orders.PNG

    Alternatively, you can select one or more shipments using the checkbox on the left, and choose Prepaid Returns from the Label Actions button. Shipment_History_-_Label_Actions_-_Prepaid_Returns.png

    If locating shipments via Global Search, click the Create Prepaid Return Shipment option listed in the Actions box on the right.

  4. A prepaid return shipment label will be automatically created on the READY FOR PAYMENT page. You will be guided to that same page and a confirmation message will appear briefly at the top of the page, letting you know a return label has been set up for the selected order.

  5. By default, all of the information for the return label will duplicate from the original shipment: the address and shipping method will be the same. edit delete label.PNG
    You may choose one of three courses of action:

    Edit the shipment:

    Click on the pencil icon under the "Options" column. Proceed to Step 7.

    Purchase a label without any edits:

    Skip ahead to Step 9.

    Cancel the return:

    Click the x icon under the "Options" column to cancel the return shipment label.

  6. If you chose to edit the shipment, you'll be redirected to the READY TO SHIP page. When your edits are complete, click the grey Add to Cart button to review your purchase.

    Alternately, select Print Later to purchase without review and skip ahead to Step 10.add to cart label ready to ship.PNG

  7. The edited shipment will now automatically move to the READY FOR PAYMENT page.

  8. Click the Finish and Pay button. Doing so will charge the appropriate carrier account for the postage amount of the return shipment.finish and pay ready to print.PNG

  9. The shipment will automatically move to the READY TO PRINT page. Locate the shipment in the "Purchased Labels" box on the left, and click on the green Print button under the status/actions column.  
    NOTE: if you have opted to have your return labels emailed to your customers, this step will be skipped.  The return shipment will appear in your SHIPMENT HISTORY and your customer will receive an email with their return label attached as a PDF. Learn more.
    ready to print print.PNG
  10. A new tab will open in your browser with the pdf file of your label. Click to save or download the label to your computer - depending on your browser, the options will vary.
    Chrome: SHIPMENTS_-_chrome_save_button.png Firefox: SHIPMENTS_-_firefox_download_button.png

  11. From there, simply send your customer an email with the label attached. All they will need to do is print the label (which they can do on a desktop laser printer), attach it to the box or envelope and drop it in the mail.


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  • Avatar
    Carl Gardner

    What if the order is not in Ship Easy? IE the order was drop shipped and now it's heading back to me & I need to print a label for it?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    That's a great question, Carl!  We offer a workaround solution for that, which is detailed in the following Knowledge Base article:

  • Avatar
    Mark Tracy

    I'm having no success trying to create a USPS return label for a manual order. Two things seem wrong.
    One. I get down to step 7 and all the print/pay/cart buttons are disabled
    Two. Any edit sets the postage to zero.

  • Avatar
    Rachael O. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Mark,

    It looks like you were successful in creating the return. However, for clarification or in case you were unable to, I wanted to provide some info on a but we have a bug with our "label actions" button on the Shipping History page. If you try to create a return label using the "label actions" drop down button, you may not be able to purchase labels. Instead, you will want to select the arrow to the far right of the order and select the option to create a return label. We are hoping to resolve this issue this week or next week and apologize for the issue.

  • Avatar
    Mark Tracy

    Yes, I hit the bug by trying to use the label actions button, and succeeded by using the alternative at the right edge.

  • Avatar
    Rachael O. [ShippingEasy]


    Glad to hear it! Thanks again for your inquiry - we'll be happy when the bug is fixed, too.

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