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On the ORDERS page, ShippingEasy will flag orders from individuals that have multiple unshipped orders. The match is done on the last name and the address, so "L. Messai" will match "Lionel Messai" as long as both orders have the same address.

Recipients with Multiple Orders are Highlighted

You will notice that some orders display the recipient name appearing in green. This indicates one or more of your orders has the same recipient.

In this example, Lionel Messai and John Hancock.


Hovering over the double sheet icon will show the message: There are multiple un-shipped orders with this address.


Filter for Duplicate Recipients

If you only want to see the orders that have the matching recipients, you can filter your orders to see just these.

From the left hand filter, expand the "Recipient" option. Then select Duplicates.

Now, only orders that have been placed by customers who have two or more un-shipped orders will display.


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