Can I select more than one option for my filters?

Yes! On any page in ShippingEasy where you find filters, you can select more than one filter option.

The following pages can be filtered:

Many pages with filters have multiple filter cells. These cells can be expanded. The type of filter selections determines how the filters can be combined.

If you use the same filter combinations regularly, on the ORDERS page or SHIPMENT HISTORY page, consider setting up Saved Views. Learn how to set up Saved Views.

Stacking filters:

Options from multiple cells can be selected at the same time. Filters stack, so the results match all specified filters.


The "Carrier" and "Delivery Status" filters can both be expanded. Then options selected from each so that only USPS-One Balance shipments with a Delivered status are visible on the page.


Selecting multiple options within a filter cell:

In many cases, multiple options can be selected from within the same cell. When this is the case, you will see checkboxes or a lookup field.

EXAMPLE: on the ORDERS page

More than one Zone can be checked within the "Zone" filter.


More than one State can be queried within the "State" filter.


In some cases, only a single option can be selected from the cell. When this is the case, you will see the radio buttons.

EXAMPLE: on the PRODUCTS page:

Products can be filtered by either Active or Inactive, using the "Status" filter.


Searching filtered results:

You can also search for the filtered results. When doing so, only results that match both the filter and search criteria will be displayed.



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