Can I split the quantity of an order?

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If you're ever have a quantity for a single line item that is too large to fit in a single package, you can split this quantity. This allows you to create multiple labels for the same order.

For details, please take a look at our step by step guide.


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    Julie Olson

    It would be so helpful if there was a way to split multiple quantities of a single product/item. We often get orders with quantities of 15 or 20 and they usually need to ship in separate boxes. 

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Thanks for sending along your feedback, Julie. We actually have a section of our Knowledge Base forums dedicated to Feature Requests, as our CEO and Product Manager are very keen to understand how we can improve ShippingEasy for all our shippers.

    In particular, you might be interested in adding a comment or "Liking" this request:  More activity on a thread will move it up our developers' work lists.

    In the meantime, you might consider using our Duplicate Shipment tool, which will allow you to create multiple labels for the same shipment.  You can even edit the weight/package type if needed.

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