Buy Postage via the Ready for Payment Page | How To

If your postage balance is getting low on either of your carrier accounts, we make it simple to top it up from the READY FOR PAYMENT page without losing any of the progress you've made. If you have set up Auto Refill postage, this automatically occur.

Buy Postage on READY FOR PAYMENT Page

  1. Once you're in the READY FOR PAYMENT page, navigate to the "Order Subtotal" box. Here, you'll see a breakdown of the postage amount you're about to purchase on the shipments you've just prepared and the total amount of postage available in each account. If the amount is low, click on the Buy Postage link to the left of the balance.
  2. A modal window will appear for you to add your desired amount into the balance.
  3. A message will appear stating that postage has been added to your account and you will be able to continue purchasing labels.

In the event that there is an outage on, you will be unable to purchase postage. A message will appear alerting you to the issue:



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