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ShippingEasy's READY FOR PAYMENT page gives a consolidated review of each session’s shipping selections.

On this screen, you can compare your customer’s requested service with your selections, check insurance decisions, change your mind on individual shipments and edit/top up postage – or if you’re ready just click Finish and Pay.



1. Easy Count

Total shipments you are paying for at a glance.

2. Customer Shipping $

The amount your customer paid for shipping.

3. Requested Service

Compare your customer’s “Requested Service” on checkout vs. the carrier and package selections to avoid  disappointment and eliminate shipping errors.

4. My Shipments/All Shipment

 Filter orders to show all orders or only the orders for a specific user.

5. Selected Service

Review your selected service.

6. Insurance Review

A review of the value of your insured item plus the insurance fee.

7. Edit or cancel

Not happy with your selections? Notice something not quite right? Edit your selections directly from this screen or cancel to send a shipment back to the ORDERS screen for processing later.

8. Postage available

Keep track of your available postage for your USPS postage account. 

9. Finish and Pay

Be done with it! Move on to the READY TO PRINT page and print with ease. Bypass the READY TO PRINT page by integrating your printer via ConnectEasy. Learn more.



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