Packing Tips: Most Common Packing Mistakes

Shipments endure a lot movement and handling so proper packing is a must.

A package's journey from sender to recipient hits a lot of bumps in the road - literally! Packages are handled from a dozen to nearly one hundred times, they ride on planes, trains, and automobiles, and move through various sorting equipment before arriving at their final destination.

If you’d like your shipment to reach its recipient looking its best, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Packing Mistakes:

Quick Tips:

Packing hollow or
fragile items loosely

Pack items tightly with packing peanuts or other packing materials. Items will be shaken and vibrated throughout their journey; proper packing reduces an item's susceptibility to damage.

Not filling hollow items
with packing material

Hollow items should be packed tightly inside to absorb any shocks. As with any shipment, to absorb shock packing materials should be placed tightly around item(s) to minimize movement in the box.

Packing items too closely

When shipping multiple items in the same box, be sure to use packing material to separate items and tightly pack each individual item. This prevents items from rubbing or knocking into each other during transit.

Trusting luck to deliver
and confirm arrival

The USPS does not provide guarantees on most types of delivery; purchase insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation services for valuable, irreplaceable, and fragile items.

Overlooking fragile details

Edges and corners of picture frames and books require more than bubble wrap. Wrap the item in bubble wrap, then use packing peanuts to further cushion them in the box.

Forgetting the weather

Check the weather conditions of the delivery route and destination to determine additional packing requirements. For cold weather pack with enough material to keep out freezing temperatures. For hot weather pack to keep an item(s) shape with temperatures that may lead to melting or dis-figuration.

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