Are there any restrictions on what I can insure?

For the most part, our insurance partner Shipsurance provides coverage for commodities relating to your shipping. However, there are some items that are restricted and are not able to be insured.

NOTE: Shipsurance coverage is only provided for outbound shipments sent from the address of the Insured. Inbound (return) shipments are not covered. Learn more

Shipsurance Exclusion List (Items that cannot be covered):

  • accounts
  • bills
  • currency (collectible currency not sold at face value are not excluded)
  • cash in transit
  • evidence of debt
  • checks
  • money orders
  • COD payments
  • coins (collectible coins are not excluded)
  • securities and other negotiable papers
  • tickets
  • deeds
  • notes
  • gift cards
  • manuscripts
  • documents
  • neon items
  • hazardous material (per this list)
  • LCD monitors or screens
  • televisions (including LCD, plasma, CRT, projection, and similar)
  • perishable cargo or similar property
  • eggs
  • any stone or ceramic slabs
  • automobiles
  • motorcycles
  • live animals
  • flowers
  • palnts
  • seeds
  • cigarettes/cigars
  • cotton
  • guns (guns more than 100 years old are not excluded)
  • tobacco
  • windows
  • plate glass
  • stained glass
  • float glass

These items will only be covered if Signature Confirmations is also added to the shipment:

  • laptop computers (including tablet computers, iPads, and similar)
  • mobile telephones, including:
    • cell phones
    • smart phones
    • messaging phones
    • iPhones
    • android phones
    • blackberry phones
    • similar phones to the above


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