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If you have filed an insurance claim with Shipsurance for a shipment processed via ShippingEasy, Shipsurance makes it easy to look up the claim's status.

Click here to check on the status of a filed Shipsurance claim.

How will Shipsurance reimburse me for claims?

Check or Paypal.

How can I choose the method of reimbursement?

When you work with the Shipsurance agent to file the claim, indicate to the Shipsurance agent how you would like it to be processed.

Can I see a list of shipments that have a filed claim with Shipsurance?

No. ShippingEasy does not track which shipments have a claim filed with Shipsurance. Moreover, Shipsurance tracks claims using claim numbers, and does not provide a portal for accessing your company's entire claim history.

Within ShippingEasy, internal shipment notes may help you keep track of which shipments have a filed claim. Learn how to add an internal note to a shipment.


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