USPS Insurance Coverage Included with Service | Overview

USPS includes limited insurance coverage for certain packages and services at no additional charges. Shipments can only be insured if tracking, such as delivery or signature confirmation, is included on the package.

See the table below for specific services and included insurance from USPS.

USPS Insured Service
Included Insurance for Commercial Pricing
Domestic International
Priority Mail up to $100 up to $200*
Priority Mail Express up to $100 up to $200
*Non-negotiable documents shipped Priority Mail International will be insured up to $100 to cover the costs of reconstructing lost or damaged documents.

Other USPS services do not include insurance in the label price:

If you would like to insure over the USPS included insurance or add insurance to a service that USPS does not cover, you can add additional insurance coverage with Shipsurance. Shipsurance insurance is available when a form of delivery confirmation is on the shipment.

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Hello -

Does this statement " Shipsurance insurance is available when a form of delivery confirmation is on the shipment i.e. delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, adult signature confirmation." mean that insurance is ONLY available for purchase when adding a form of delivery confirmation?

If so, where is that request added? Can it be a default and / or included in a shipping rule?



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Great question, Sharon!  

Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First Class Package Service (not including the Large/Flat Envelope) and Parcel Select shipments automatically include delivery confirmation.  On the READY TO SHIP page, you'll notice under "Your Shipping Cost" that it says Delivery Confirmation ... FREE.


Media Mail is eligible for delivery confirmation, but it is not included in the service.  You can add a confirmation service from the "Additional Shipment Options" > _"_Confirmation" drop down menu. 


First Class Large/Flat Envelope, however, is never eligible for added delivery confirmation, or insurance.

Unfortunately, there is not an option at this time to add these as part of a Saved Selection or Shipping Rule.

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I had put insurance on a package with perishables so they would need a signature and the package wouldn't be sitting outside or in mailbox for a long time...Come to find out i get a call that package never made it I said can't be I asked them to check mailbox and there it was...why wouldnt they get a signature when I PAID for it specifically??? What is the point of paying extra just so USPS can make an extra $3.20 off me?? I don't get it..



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Hi Tabitha, 

Unfortunately, adding insurance does not make a signature required to leave a package at the recipient's address, only protects shippers against lost, stolen, or damaged packages. If the package did not reach its destination, or if it was damaged when it was delivered, then you are reimbursed the declared value of the items in the package.

The USPS offers a service called Signature Confirmation. This requires the recipient of your package to positively ID themself before the USPS carrier will deliver the package.

USPS Signature Confirmation | Overview


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