Which carriers will insure the shipping costs associated with a shipment?

Depending on the insurance carrier you are using to cover your shipments, you may be able to insure the shipping costs associated with a shipment.

With Shipsurance, you can insure your shipping costs, as long as you declare that amount for coverage when insuring the shipment. If you do not include the shipping amount in your initial insurance declaration, it is not covered. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when insuring shipping costs through Shipsurance:

  • You cannot insure your shipping costs without also insuring the item(s) being shipped.
  • You will need to provide documentation of the shipping cost.
    • If you sell merchandise online, typically there is a shipping line item on the invoice to the buyer.
    • If you offer "free shipping" and there is no shipping indicated on your invoice, you can provide Shipsurance with a receipt of your actual shipping expense.

For most other insurers, insurance will only cover the value of the goods shipped, up to the amount covered, but not the value of postage purchased.



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