Selling Tips: Using Shipping as a Promotional Tool

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Offering discounted and free shipping can entice customers and build revenue for your business.

Even if it’s not in your business’ best interest to offer free shipping on all items, you can still use this feature as a promotional tool. Here a few strategies to offer free shipping and build business at the same time:

Tiered Freed Shipping

With this feature, free shipping depends on the customer spending a certain amount of money on an order in your store. The free shipping could also be contingent on the number of products purchased. In both situations, the the incentive for the customer is to purchase more products in order to qualify for free shipping, increasing your revenue and average transaction.

Bundled Free Shipping

This strategy calls for offering free shipping only if the customer purchases a certain “bundle” of goods. For example, if your company were to ship three different items, bundled free shipping would be offered only if the customer bought two out of the three. You could also offer bundled free shipping on packages whenever a customer purchases a certain product - increases sales on that particular item while offering incentives to the customer.

Free Shipping on Certain Items

Just as the title suggests, you can offer free shipping as an exclusive option on certain items in your inventory. This is an extension on the bundled free shipping strategy.

Seasonal Free Shipping

Free shipping can be a seasonal option for your business. Many online retailers offer free shipping during the busiest holiday shopping seasons. Offering free shipping during a season can expose your business to customers who would have not been able to see your business otherwise.


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